1-5 May, 2023
Melbourne, Australia
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World Spinal Column

The World Spinal Column Society’s mission is to advance spine care worldwide by connecting spine surgeons in advanced and emerging nations through high quality education, training and collaborative activities. The society, therefore, organizes many meetings, including cadaver courses, local meetings, and master courses in Asian, Africa, and European countries. This will contribute to education and training in the field of spine health among spine-health professionals.

We would like to bring together spine related professionals from all parts of the world. With the rapid evolution in the management of spine disorders, we hope that the WSCS will provide a platform of knowledge transfer, exchange of ideas and experiences, professional education and foster collaborative search on a global basis.

I would like to invite your active participation to the WSCS. Please join us as a member of the Society. I hope you will find the activities of the Society useful to you as well as expanding your global network in spine health

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