1-5 May, 2023
Melbourne, Australia
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The Spine Society of Australia (SSA) was founded on 13 July 1990 with Professor Robert Fraser as the inaugural President. The original aims of the SSA included the following;

  1. To form an educational organisation dedicated to the exchange of ideas and dissemination of scientific and clinical knowledge concerning spinal disease and disorder.

  2. To advance the quality of and encourage research into the management of spinal disease and disorder.

  3. To improve the means of communication and support for young men and women involved in the medical and scientific study, investigation and treatment of spinal disease and disorder.

Today the SSA facilitates the exchange of ideas, research and communication about spine health.

Our objective is to obtain and maintain affiliation with relevant national and international organizations.

The current membership consists of 220 members with clinicians from both orthopaedic and neurosurgical backgrounds and basic scientists. The executive committee consists of the President, Vice President and President-elect, General Secretary, Scientific Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and various co-opted committee members as required.

The annual scientific meeting occurs in April each year rotating around cities in Australia and New Zealand.