1-5 May, 2023
Melbourne, Australia
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ISSLS is a truly multidisciplinary society, welcoming all those involved in the study of the lumbar spine. This goes from diagnostics over conservative treatment -including manipulation- to surgery, from biomechanics and psychology, basic science and epidemiology to outcome and health care analyses.

Our membership reflects the truly international character of the society with many members coming from the Asia Pacific Region. Of course we hope to attract many clinicians and scientists at our sessions. We trust that our programme committee will distill a fine program from the submissions. The highlights of our meeting are the ISSLS Prize paper presentations and the Presidential and presidential Guest speaker’s addresses. We invite all registrants, from all societies to join us for these sessions.

Information about these prizes and more information about ISSLS can be found on our website: www.issls.org

The ISSLS annual meetings are more than scientific gatherings, but are also famous for their social programme where delegates mingle with accompanying persons and we hope that many will choose to register to SpineWeek via the ISSLS channel, so profiting from this particular aspect of ISSLS.

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