1-5 May, 2023
Melbourne, Australia
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Asia Pacific Cervical Spine Society (APCSS) is a collaborative organization of spine surgeons and professionals with a special interest in Cervical Spine, with a primary aim of advancing excellence in cervical spine patient care, research and education, based in Asia Pacific region. The society, founded in 2007, has steadily grown over the last decade. Nearly 300-400 delegates with interest and support attend each annual meeting. The society has played a great role, not only for academic exchanges on the cervical diseases among the members of each country, but also for making lasting friendships among one another. We are proud that the APCSS meeting has become a prestigious meeting in both name and reality, which is attended by all members from the Asia-Pacific countries as well as friends and guests from all over the world.

Website: www.ap-css.org

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